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Overcoming the Impossible

Papua New Guinea (PNG) has the worst health status in the entire Pacific region.  Five women in Papua New Guinea die in childbirth every day. One in thirteen children die before the age of five. 94% of PNG lives in malaria affected areas. Someone dies from Tuberculosis every two hours.

YWAM Medical Ships - Australia (YWAM MSA) is helping to reach some of the most remote communities in Papua New Guinea with healthcare and training; places where there are no roads, very few airstrips, and very limited infrastructure.

Through the use of ships, YWAM MSA helps overcome the challenges. YWAM MSA transport medical specialists, supplies, health services, and mentoring and support for local health workers. YWAM MSA breaks through isolation; delivers hope; delivers healthcare and training where it is needed most; YWAM helps overcome the impossible.
YWAM’s 35-year-old ship retired at the end of 2014. On December 4th, a new ship, the MV YWAM PNG was purchased to replace the MV Pacific Link. The MV YWAM PNG, a much larger and newer vessel, will help YWAM MSA increase their work by over 500%, helping them to reach further up river to more isolated communities in the Southern Region of PNG.   
The vessel will undergo renovations in 2015 before making its maiden voyage to PNG.
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