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Hannah Peart

$1,320 of AUD $5,000 target.

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Dreaming of Change!!!


Can you imagine sleeping for the floor instead of a bed? Well that is about to become my normal for the next 5 months.

But first let me tell you why I am doing this.  


I personally have spent a lot of time with YWAM Medical Ships - Australia (YWAM MSA) over the years working in Papua New Guinea (PNG) and I am amazed at just how people in this country overcome steamily impossible odds. Time and time again I can think of moments I have been in villages and have seen such joy, yet they physically own nothing.


However amongst all this joy there is an undercurrent of hopelessness as people feel trapped. The possibility of losing a child to sickness is a very real fear. I was sitting with one mother earlier this year she told me she had 8 children but only 4 where living. As I looked at her youngest child all I could see what just how malnourished this child was and what impossible odds this child would have to survive. 


For over five years, YWAM MSA (check out this video) have been addressing this feeling of hopelessness by transporting medical teams into remote areas of PNG to deliver vital healthcare and training to the people. In order for their life-saving work to continue, YWAM MSA will need to raise $5 million for a new ship.


It sounds like an impossible figure, but I believe it is possible to overcome.


So I am setting myself an impossible task that I will overcome in the hope that people will sponsor me in this task to raise money for YWAM MSA new vessel and our impossible task.


In setting this task I wanted to do something that would help me remember what many people in the villages in PNG go without. 


From 15th July till 15th Dec I will not be sleeping in my bed but on the floor of my room. My rules are simple no mattress, no air mattress, just a quit below me and blanket on top. 


My hope is to raise $1000 a month for the 5 months I am doing this. Which means I need about 35 people to donate $30 a month. Or perhaps you want to donate a dollar a day that I do this. With more than half the population of PNG living on less than one US $1 a day. Your $1 a day will go a long way. 


Help me by sharing my page, commenting, or clicking “donate now” to make a secure online donation. Also if you want to know just a little more of my story if you are wondering who I am here is a bit about me and just why I am so passionate about my work with YWAM MSA: Click here for story


I will be updating with photo’s and little stories on how it is going but let me know if you have questions! Thanks for your support, and helping the people of PNG



Questions feel free to email me here

UPDATE: Well 2.5 months still sleeping on the floor!!!! Let just say come weekends with sleeping on the floor there is not a great tempration to stay in bed all morning. So on the updside I am getting up earlier in the weekend and getting more things done. 

UPDATE: Well it's been about half way through my first month and I have not cheated once!!!! So far with sleeping on the floor that has involed sleeping on the floor in my bedroom, sleeping on the floor of the clinic on the YWAM Medical Ships (side note solid steel and very hard), sleeping in a hut in PNG, and sleeping at in a room in PNG where there was about 7 empty beds yet I chose to still sleep on the floor. 






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YWAM Medical Ships Australia Ltd

Youth with a Mission (YWAM) is a worldwide Christian movement operating in more than 1,000 locations in over 180 countries, with over 25,000 full time staff since 1960. YWAM is decentralised in structure; each centre is financially and legally autonomous, allowing locations to adapt and serve the specific needs of the community.

YWAM Medical Ships – Australia (YWAM MSA) is a Christian charity that aims to care, connect, serve, build with individuals and communities. YWAM MSA values individuals’ rights to quality of life.

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AUD $1,320 of AUD$5,000 target

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